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Podlie Podcast Episode 22 March 24th 2020

On Episode 22 we are doing our Social Distancing. Cliff and Paul are not in the Podlie Studio, they call in, and Bill is in the Studio. We talk about how things are right now as we all deal with COVID-19.

Podlie Podcast Episode 21 March 17th, 2020

On Episode 21 we talk to musician Ann Vriend about the song "Isolation Groove" that Martin Kerr and Ann wrote. We also talk the video they did for the song that is going viral on Facebook. We then talk about hobbies and more!

Podlie Podcast Episode 20 March 10th 2020

Episode 20 of the Podlie Podcast! We talk about the past 19 Episodes, the TP shortage, fast cars, car names etc.

Podlie Podcast Episode 19 March 3rd, 2020

On Episode 19 we have Jessi Toms the Owner and CEO of the Edmonton Muse online Magazine. We learn about the Edmonton Muse and we talk about 80's music.

Podlie Podcast Episode 18 February 25 2020

On Episode 18 of the Podlie Podcast we discuss Artificial Intelligence.

Podlie Podcast Episode 17 February 18 2020

On Episode 17 of the Podlie Podcast we answer silly and fun questions!

Podlie Podcast Episode 16 February 10 2020

On a special Monday Episode of the Podlie Podcast we talk about, do you like Mondays and many other things.

The Podlie Podcast Episode 15 February 4th 2020

On this episode our topic is would we travel to space and will tourism to space become the norm.

The Podlie Podcast Episode 14 January 28 2020

On Episode 14 we discuss a few different topics, University or no University, Dreams, Motorcycles and more!

The Podlie Podcast Episode 13 January 21 2020

On Episode 13 our topic is "In the Past 20 Years I cannot Imagine My Life Without..." We also try to figure out who the Time Traveler is that listens to the show.

The Podlie Podcast Episode 12 January 14th, 2020

On Episode 12 Podlie Bill and Podlie Cliff talk about the cold weather and try to figure out who the Time Traveler is.

Podlie Podcast Episode 11 January 7th, 2020

On Episode 11 we talk about what's planned for the Podlie Podcast in 2020.

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